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It's a tricky process to hire British ghostwriting services. We have professional ghostwriters that know how to use storytelling tactics and frameworks to make any fictional or nonfictional story sound epic. One of the numerous services we provide is the provision of a ghostwriter. EBook Writers is a destination for all aspects of the writing process, including proofreading, editing, cover design, as well as marketing and publicising eBooks to target audiences. Known media sites such as the Daily Mail Online and the BBC UK have highlighted our professional ghostwriters and editors time and time after again.

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We hire the greatest ghostwriters to give you the most bangs for your buck. Our authors work closely with you and encourage your input and recommendations. We combine narrative and technical writing aspects to satisfy your targeted readers efficiently. Now would be the time to schedule a free consultation with us to go through the details of your project.

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Our Skilled Ghostwriters

Our team of renowned ghostwriters from various fields are routinely highlighted on top-tier websites for their exceptional skills.

£20 / Hr David David S Ghost writing 4.9/5 ( 20 Jobs ) Biography Bio Data Personal Profiles

I'm your guy if you're looking for a best-selling eBook writer with 4.9 stars on multiple platforms. I'm here to assist you in making your concept a reality!

£28 / Hr William William S Ghost writing 4.9/5 ( 47 Jobs ) Fiction Writing Horror Writing

With me, everything is typed; there are no gimmicks and no plagiarism. My 12+ years of experience can help me write anything for you and make it sound as good as pie!

£24 / Hr Tommy Tommy G Ghost writing 4.9/5 ( 38 Jobs ) Ebook Articles Product Descriptions

I specialise in ghostwriter services for story writing, travel pieces, parenting, food, fitness, beauty, and health. Check my 4.8+ star reviews, and you'll know I'm a good fit for you.

£33 / Hr gerg Gerg D Ghost writing 4.9/5 ( 48 Jobs ) Book Proofreading Book Formatting

You're not getting any odd words or phrases that don't match the situation because I am an English native speaker! I would gladly provide you with samples of any of the 50+ eBooks I worked on last month

£40 / Hr Paige Paige B Ghost writing 4.9/5 ( 62 Jobs ) Non-fiction Writing Ebook Proofreading

I've been a writer for over 20 years and am an internationally published editorialist and ghostwriting specialist. I have always believed that if your company is important, your words are important.

£30 / Hr Terry Terry W Ghost writing 4.9/5 (58 Jobs ) Fiction Writing Horror Writing

 I have over 20 years of experience as a ghostwriting helper or book creator and enjoy ventures with tough relationship dramas, so I naturally want to write an eBook story that will delight you and your friends.

Our Published Work

Our writers' work has been featured in several notable media venues.

Creating A Business Plan
Inside Business Gabby Houston
Young Talk
The Leadership Journey
No Way Out
Well Versed
Turn Fat into Fit
Real Physics of Quantum Field Theory
Basic Of Artificial Intelligence
Trading Made Essay
Selling Success Story
Why EBookWriter.uk Should Be Your First Choice

Our in-house authors are diverse, but they all have one commonality: a burning desire to write

Best Literature Use of the Best Literature

Our ghostwriters are trained to use a strong literary instrument that is both attractive and practical

Ensure Your Ownership Ensure Your Ownership

Our secrecy and nondisclosure contract keeps you safe at all times. Our writers are sworn to secrecy!

Numerous Ghostwriters Numerous Ghostwriters

We have a large group of ghostwriters with various backgrounds and expertise. We can write on pretty much everything.

24/7 Support 24/7 Support

Our online support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you by chat, mail, or phone.

Genuine Research Genuine Research

All of the study and research we conduct is genuine and factual, allowing us to use the accessible information to your advantage.

Retained Customers Retained Customers

We provide high-quality compliance and expert strategy in exchange for your decision to place a new purchase.

Our Genuine Reviews Set Us Apart

Our site has earned a reputation for providing ghostwriting, proofreading, and publication services.  We're one of the best ghostwriting companies in the UK.


"I've loved working on my biography writing books with EBookWriter's team and associates. I value their help in navigating the publication process. Riley R., my primary writer, engaged with me extensively to establish my style/voice and ensure that the writing was legible and coherent."

Keith Technical Writer

"EBookWriter is the best expert ghostwriting website in London, UK! Thanks to everyone for their fast ghostwriting assistance in putting this puzzle piece of conversations together into an eBook. Your writing is as lovely as your spirit."

Logan Thesis Writer

"EBookWriters and their staff of expert editors and ghostwriters near me have been a joy to work alongside, and I absolutely advise them to anyone seeking eBook services. I can speak to their timeliness, attention to quality, and desire to keep their customers pleased after working with them and writing over two dozen books since 2015."

Doris Nursing Writer

"Working with numerous talented authors at the same time has been really beneficial to me. Every publication and writer is one-of-a-kind. They took the time to learn about my publishing objectives and then create and implement a unique strategy to help me reach them."

Arthur HND Writer

"This reliable ghostwriting agency spends time to get to know you, your work, and your publication aspirations before making any promises or signing a contract. This is one of the many things I love about their service. Did I mention the quality of writing?"

Christian HR Specialist

"They assisted my company's team in discovering and building the book's positioning, fundamental concepts, topics, intended audience, substance, structure, and market strategy by providing extensive market study."

Madison Technical Writer
Answering Your FAQs

1. How do I find a ghostwriter ?

Finding and hiring a ghostwriter is as simple as it has always been with eBookWriters. Reach us or allow us to by giving us your contact and purchase information so that any one of our friendly project leaders can get you an update as soon as possible.

They will collect information on your eBook, and your chosen writing style. Both parties will then agree on the cost of the process.

Once an agreement is reached, we select the ideal author for your book based on your project specifications for 'write my eBook.'

2. What is the cost of hiring a ghostwriting provider in the UK ?

The associated costs with hiring a ghostwriter differ depending on the type of purchase, the number of words, additional services needed (if any), timeframes, and other purchase parameters.

Please speak with one of our eBook design consultants for a quick quote on your job. We provide free and timely counsel through chat sessions, mail, and phone conversations.

Their services are offered to major states and cities in the UK, including England, London, Ireland, Belfast, Scotland, Edinburgh, Wales, Cardiff, Britain, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, and Birmingham.

3. How much time will be required to write and finalise an eBook ?

An eBook takes roughly half a month to finish typically. Nevertheless, the real-time will vary based on the type of order, the complexity of the body of studies necessary, and so on. It can even take less than 4 days if we have a few writers working on your order!

4. Are royalties paid to ghostwriters ?

The majority of ghostwriters in the writing industry do not want a cut of the royalties. They are paid and agreed on a certain price when they are hired. There could be exceptions, most notably with famous series of eBooks or works by bestselling writers.

5. Is credit given to ghostwriting makers ?

The contract between the client and the ghostwriter determines whether or not a ghostwriter receives recognition. We at EbookWriters keep the writers tied by a contract of nondisclosure. This will help you avail any secrecy concerns in the long run

Other than that, our website is safety and security configured so you should not be concerned about hackers accessing your orders, purchases, etc.

6. Are your ghostwriting consultant services in the UK completely private ?

We protect our customers' privacy and are aware of the hazards associated with unreleased content. We take every precaution online to ensure that any information given remains completely confidential.

So that you may, the ghostwriter or book builders allocated to you might be obliged by UK confidentiality laws and privacy restrictions in their contract.

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