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EbookWriter.uk is a trusted and reliable nonfiction ghostwriting agency that knows how to transform your raw ideas into an amazing book. All the nonfiction books that we have created have been a reader's delight.

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UK's Top Nonfiction Ghostwriting Services That Creatively Express Your Ideas

Ebook Writer offers nonfiction services for those authors who have some interesting ideas but don't know how to gather their thoughts and pen them down in the form of a book. Whether you have a real-life story, a memoir, or any other facts-based informative draft, our nonfiction ghostwriting company will make your dream a readable reality.

You will not find any nonfiction ghostwriting companies because this genre is not the primary focus of most writing firms. We are the only platform in UK that offers Ebook writing services for all genres. Our nonfiction services wrap creative storytelling around your true-to-life stories to make them more captivating for the readers.

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British Nonfiction Book Writers Who Add Soul To Your Story

We have nonfiction writers available for hire who will help you complete your authorship journey by giving your ideas a captivating voice. Let's get down to your book right away!

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Nonfiction Ghostwriters in UK Who Can Make Your Book A Smash Hit

Getting a book published by your name is what every author dreams about. You will need our nonfiction writing service in London if you want your book to top the charts. We have nonfiction ghostwriters who are experts in crafting books that have success written all over them. Your book has to compete with thousands of literary masterpieces but having our nonfiction writing experts on your side, you can stay assured that your book will always be a blockbuster.

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Ghostwriters Who Are Maestros Of Nonfiction Books

From biography writing to user manuals, our nonfiction ghostwriters in London can work on all kinds of books. You can pick your desired author to write a nonfiction book that can earn its place on the bestseller shelves.

£20 / Hr Brian P Brian P Story Writing 4.9/5 ( 45 Jobs ) Biography Bio Data Personal Profiles

"Meet Brian, the hitmaker of our writing team. His excellence in nonfiction ghost books is just out of this world. You can clearly rely on him if you want your book to be a roaring success."

£28 / Hr Shaun F. Shaun F. Story Writing 4.9/5 ( 50 Jobs ) Story Writing Ghost Writing

"If you are too strangled in your thoughts, Shaun is the guy that you can turn to write a nonfiction book for you. He will read your mind and perfectly translate all your thoughts in his writing."

£24 / Hr Fiona K. Fiona K. Story Writing 4.9/5 ( 38 Jobs ) Book Proofreading Book Formatting

"Fiona is not a newbie by any means. She has been writing nonfiction books for quite some time. Her experience and vast knowledge of the nonfiction genre can be your key to success."

£33 / Hr Xavier B. Xavier B. Story Writing 4.9/5 ( 71 Jobs ) Ebook Articles Product Descriptions

"Among all our nonfiction writing experts, Xavier has the fastest fingers. He is extremely quick and keeps churning draft after draft like nobody's business. Your urgent projects are safe in his hands."

£33 / Hr Brittany D. Brittany D. Story Writing 4.9/5 ( 71 Jobs ) Ebook Articles Product Descriptions

"Brittany has several record-breaking nonfiction ghost books under her belt. Hiring her for your project would mean that you are about to get a literary classic published by your name."

£33 / Hr Derick G. Derick G. Story Writing 4.9/5 ( 71 Jobs ) Ebook Articles Product Descriptions

"Derick is the most mature nonfiction ghostwriter that we have on our team. He has been with us from day one, and the quality of his work has always been on the rise."

Recent Classics Of Our Nonfiction Writers

Check out the masterpieces that have been composed by the talented hands and creative minds of our nonfiction ghostwriters in London.

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Get A Timeless Draft From Our Nonfiction Book Writing Company in UK

When it comes to delivering high-quality nonfiction book writing services, we are miles ahead of all the British nonfiction ghostwriting companies. Our qualified team outperforms them in every aspect.

Quality-Oriented Surreal Storytelling

Our nonfiction ghostwriter services combine your enticing plot and real-life characters with the art of storytelling and create a timeless book that will stay in people's minds for a very long time.

Covers Unlimited Stems Artistic Nonfiction Writers

The nonfiction ghost books crafted by our writers have the capability to transform readers' lives. You can expect these immensely talented authors to narrate your story in the best way possible.

24/7 Accessibility Budget-Friendly Packages

Writing nonfiction books is not an easy job. It takes a lot of research and hard work to produce something special. However, we still offer nonfiction writing services at the cheapest possible rates.

Bred by Excellence Authors Ready To Publish Drafts

The best thing about our nonfiction book writing agency is that we have dedicated editors who deliver perfectly formatted, error-free, and flawless drafts that can be published immediately.

100% Original Execution Diversified Writing Expertise

This is a nonfiction ghostwriting agency where you can be specific with your orders and ask for a life story writing service UK. We are always ready to take on all kinds of nonfiction books.

Flexible to Your Needs Personalized Book Writing

You will get personalized and custom-tailored writing services from our nonfiction book writing company. We keep your content authentic and craft it from scratch so that it can meet your needs.

Positive Feedback About Our British Nonfiction Books

Custom satisfaction is the only motto that we follow and believe in. The whole concept of our nonfiction ghostwriter services revolves around satisfying aspiring British book authors by helping them complete their incomplete drafts and getting them over the finish line.


"I hired these nonfiction ghostwriters in London to complete my nonfictional book. I was stuck at the first page and couldn't think of the right words for my story. They instantly started working on my draft, and within no time, it hit libraries. Thank you so much for your help!"

John Cobbler Technical Writer

"It was my dream to get my first ever book published. Ebook Writer UK was the nonfiction book writing agency that made my dream come true. The best part was that it received immense love from the readers. You guys have the swiftest writing process and some great writers."

Nathan Dorman Thesis Writerr

"After contacting several nonfiction ghostwriting companies in Bristol and manchester, I thought my book would never become a reality. No one was ready to accept such a brisk deadline. Thankfully, Ebook Writer UK and their team were there to support me. They brought so much to the table in such a short span of time."

Jake Rogers Nursing Writer

"I am thrilled to announce that now I am a published author, and these nonfiction ghostwriters and autobiography writers deserve equal credit for my success. My story was unique but the creative element added by these ingenious authors made it more special. They are now my go-to writers in UK."

Donald Santos HND Writer

"After analysing all my options, I decided that these were the best available nonfiction ghostwriters for hire in London. Their prices were quite affordable, and still, the quality was top-notch. When life story writers of such high calibre are working on your book with complete professionalism, you can't ask for more."

Georgina Martinez HR Specialist

"I asked them to write a nonfiction novel which was quite close to my heart as it was the biography that has been in my plans for a very long time. I am so glad that I got the best nonfiction writing service in London for my project. They gave it their all, and the efforts were quite visible in their work."

Erica Brooks HR Specialist

Get A Closer Look At our Nonfiction Book Writing Services in UK

What is non-fiction in ghostwriting, and do you offer this genre?

If you are not aware of what does nonfiction means, it is a book that is based on facts and real-life events. There are no made-up stories but only factual literature that is focused on helping people understand any topic. It can also be your autobiography or memoir. If you want any such nonfiction idea in your mind, then do contact our ghostwriting experts to make it a reality.

How many types of nonfiction books have you written?

We have worked on thousands of nonfiction books, and all of them have been a big success. Whether you need a travelogue, cookbook, autobiography, self-help guide, user manual, or historical event, we cover all these genres in our nonfiction services. Our nonfiction ghostwriters have the creative skills and knowledge required to deliver a literary masterpiece.

Do you have nonfiction writing experts who specialise in this genre?

You might have a crazy idea in your mind but lack the storytelling skills to make it sound engaging and sensible. You can find creative nonfiction writers at our site who will do complete justice to your story. Our pro writers know how to present your real-life story or autobiography in a way that captures every reader's attention right away.

How much do I have to pay for your nonfiction writing services in UK?

If you want to write a nonfiction book but don't have the right words to articulate your thoughts, then this website is perfect for you. Here we write nonfiction books at the cheapest possible prices. The goal of our nonfiction writing experts is not to make big bucks but just to create some best-selling classics for our customers. You will always find our services reasonable and affordable.

How do I get a nonfiction book published?

Publishing a nonfiction book can be a bumpy road full of hurdles or a smooth and stress-free journey. It all depends on the service provider that you choose to get your book ready for publishing. Ebook Writer is not just a ghostwriting platform. We are an all-in-one company that will refine your draft and make it so perfect that every publisher will be ready to accept it.

What is your process for writing a nonfiction book?

There is a systematic working process that we follow for crafting nonfiction books. The first step is always to collect all the ideas that the client has in his mind. After a detailed brainstorming and information-gathering session, we move towards writing your initial draft. The customer can revise the draft until they feel like their nonfiction book is ready for launch.

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