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9 Key Rules of Fiction Story Writing: A Writer’s Guide

Fictional stories have their magic, where the reader walks through a different universe. Most of us binge-read stories that are fictionally written. You may agree that fiction stories often are well equipped with emotions and feelings. Hence, reading through amazingly written pieces impact greater on us as a reader and conveys what needs to be communicated. You may wonder how authors can write so well. Different writers are awe-struck by other’s pieces of work. Like, as their writing styles, where to pause, phrases that increase the quality of work, and many little detailing.

Fictional writing can be done in terms of novels, short stories, or even a note. All kinds of imaginative ways of writing have some important points to be noted. Those points will be discussed further, but before we indulge in a dreamy and illusionary world, we would like to mention that you have landed on the right page. We are here to help you improve your writing.

Here are the most awaited tips:

Top 9 Rules of Fiction Story Writing

Target Audience:

Search for your audience. If you are not sure about who are you writing for then, you are not ready to write at all. Always know that you will be transporting the reader from reality to another world. This doesn’t mean that in fictional writing you can’t bring a reflection of a real and made-up story. You can be as creative as you want to but this particular pre-step has to be well taken care of. This means you must be sure who will be your reader, their age, their choice in picking up a book, and what behavior they possess normally. A well-trusted pointer has helped many professionals and even students who wrote for given tasks. Researching well about the audience assists in finding the correct words to write and it may help you as well.

Too Much Of Description:

Writing fictional stories is tricky. A lot of early writers believed that descriptions of each scenario could make the story interesting. Similar early writers made mistakes by including long descriptions and extra phrases. At times, when their work is pushed forward to editors or proofreaders, they cut down on idioms and heavy detailing where it is not required. In this regard, if you are looking for help, you can check out many story writing service websites that are available online. Hence, your work will be precise and clean.

Work Pace

Ah! The key! This is the most important part, in terms of many aspects. Firstly, if you are mentally tortured by yourself just because of worrying to catch a deadline will mess you up. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to target a time, however, we emphasize that you may need to have a properly sketched plan or a routine. Don’t just fuel yourself with so-called “energizing or stress-freeing drugs”.

You just simply need to be calm, and consistent to follow the map you have created to achieve in a day. Lastly, don’t run a race. What does it mean? At times, writers forget they are born to write instead they end up comparing themselves with others. The pace of their writing can demotivate you especially if your work pace is satisfactory. It is essential to firmly believe ‘it is ok’ to take a decent amount of time but not compromise on the quality of writing.

Read-Aloud Editing:

It’s a simple rule. Any EBook writer mostly publishes on devices. And when you work on laptops or PCs, you at times type in a flow without pauses. This can neglect errors or unstructured sentences. So to adopt professional ways, it’s recommended to read aloud the passages you have typed in to go through each phrase and word thoroughly.

Relate To Your Audience:

Well, this might seem challenging. But it has to do with knowing your audience. As mentioned above, this point separately stands out that understanding your audience’s behavior may help you type down relatable content for them. Even, famous characters like Spiderman have been shown struggling and going through the true essence of life like emotions or life knocks out at times.

These are the basic foundations to lay while thinking of a story or a character. When it comes to fiction writing, not necessarily every character or situation has to be unrealistic. Spiderman is a fictional story yet with a hint of reality well blended. So, you can think of stories that are fictional but can be relatable to your audience. That’s the way you can build your potential buyers if you are willing to publish for commercial purposes.

Prologues Are Annoying:

You must be thinking why is a prologue annoying? We cannot generalize it but it depends on the audience. In most cases, fictional book readers mostly get irritated by the introductory part and they often skip it. Make sure, you don’t end up adding prologues or extra information to your write-up.

Cut Down Words:

We have researched this aspect and found amazing facts. One of them supports that word limit keeps you away from throwing lines where it is not needed. If you are contemplating writing and still have confusion as to how much to write, you can always look up book writing services online. This helps you make your work readable.

Just Start!

Yeah! Just simply start writing. It’s just as simple as taking a blank page and pen to scribble on it. It’s never once shot, it’s a consistent effort and practice that can push you to your goal. Get yourself started as a storyteller by observing around to head start your writing career.

Fun Process:

All famous authors have published at least once. And when they appear at conferences and promotion parties, they often mention that a writing piece takes a certain procedure. From observing to extracting, and making up a story in your mind – and then, writing it down to promotions to launch and selling the product, it can be a roller coaster ride. But worth it! Make your product not just worth reading but creative promoting too.


Story writing is a rewarding job. And the above-mentioned incredible techniques that tackle the writing process are inspired by astounding authors. These authors have shared the routines that made them who they are. If you dream of becoming successful in this specific field, you can go through our well-researched and ready-to-help pieces of advice, and give it a shot!

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